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Sept 8 2016
This is the definitive roster of Weatherfords Alumni. We are proud of our heritage and want to thank the folks who were a part of it.

Steven Earl Weatherford 1964-
Steve Weatherford
Steven E. Weatherford started touring with the group in 1964 singing a few songs each night. He became a full time member on the 4th of July 1976.
Still currently on the road full time

1944-2013 Lily Fern Weatherford
Retired after 70 years of touring
Now living in Tulsa OK.

Earl started the group in 1944 in Long Beach California after a stint as one of the Stamps touring group called Weatherfords/Stamps Quartet. He passed away in 1991 in Lakewood California just a few miles from where he had his first concert. He is buried at the Paoli Oklahoma cemetery.
Fulton Nash- Bass 3 time member ?
Long time bass singer of the Weatherfords, currently residing in Welling Oklahoma.More folks ask about this former member that any other. He had a delivery and a style that just touched folks on and off the stage. Fulton joined the group twice, first in 19?? then again in ???? Album credits...( Fulton is the person with the longest tenure than any one besides someone named Weatherford. Next would be Armond Morales
Glen Payne- Lead Album Credit In The Garden , Ill Follow Jesus. ?????
One of the best known former members of the Weatherfords. He was an original founding member of the Cathedrals in 1964. He died in the Nashville area on Oct 15th 1999
George Younce- Bass
Worked with the Weatherfords at the Cathedral of Tomorrow and came back to be a founding member of the Cathedrals.He also worked with the Blue Ridge Quartet. His son in law Ernie Haas worked with the Cathedrals and went on to work as a soloist before starting his own group Signature Sound. He died in Stow Ohio on April-2005 ??where he had lived since he joined the Cathedrals in 1964
Bobby Clark-Tenor

Tenor singer for the group while in Akron, another founding member of the Cathedrals. Bobby has a very strong operatic style voice and even worked with an opera company in Florida

Henry Slaughter- Piano
 As a piano player singer and song writer for the group. His arrangements helped set the style of the group that is still followed to this day. His classic song What a Precious Friend is a signature sound of the Weatherfords. Went on to become a founding member of the Imperials. Worked with Jimmy Swaggart in the 19??s  Also toured with Bill Gaither in the Trio days as well as working with his family group for many years. ?? Now living just north of Nashville TN. (Oakland City TN ) with his wife Hazel do a very limited amount of concert every year as of 2005
Armond Morales -Bass One of the best known former bass singers of the Weatherfords. His singing style added to the smooth sound that is distinctly Weatherfords. He went on to become a founding member of the Imperials when Jake Hess was looking to form a Statesmen style of performing group with a smooth singing style of the Weatherfords. With 2 W's on his team to start , he hit the mark. Currently residing in TN( Hendersonville ) and still performs with the Classic Imperials and well as solo work through the country. Armond last performed with the Weatherfords at their very last  ( unknown at the time ) appearance at the National Quartet Convention. in 2007
Jim Hammel- lead 3 time member
An amazing singer who in his younger days with Earl was a constant source of joy and irritation. Earl said he was the only guy he hired 3 times and fired twice. C. M. Ward said of Jim " He Has A Good Mind and a Sound Heart, But No Connection In Between. Jim added an exciting sound to the group. He went on to be a member of the Kingsmen. He passed away several years ago. He was always fun to be around.
Kelley Looper-lead baritone 2 time member
Kelley was a member of the group and was on the Spirit Of The West album, His sweet style of singing and demeanor made him a true southern gentleman. And he lives with his wife Faye in Brooksville Florida.
Dallas Holm-Lead Baritone
Dallas was a member of the group for a very short time.  The group was working on material for an album when Dallas got a letter from the draft board informing him that he was invited to become a participant in the Vietnam War. The album was never made and Dallas did indeed serve in Vietnam. When he returned , he was influential in becoming one of Contemporary Christian music best loved performers and writers.  His song "Rise Again" was recorded by many .His last known location was in Tyler Texas.
Bill Gaither- Piano/ Vocals. Album Credits Standing On Tradition.
Earl invited Bill to join the group as a piano player, after having been the first group to have recorded Bills song " He Touched Me". But not the first group to release it. The newly formed Imperials were on the same record label as the Weatherfords and the label decided to withhold the Weatherfords version until after the Imperials version was released. Bill was hired on the same day that Bills dad had paid to enroll him in college. The enrollment fee being non refundable forced Bill to "go to school " Allowing Bill to have an illustrious career as an english teacher. Having formed the Gaither Trio with his brother Danny and sister Maryanne and later his wife Gloria, he went one to have yet another career in Gospel music. A friendship that endures to this day. Bill did finally sing on a Weatherford album ( Standing On Tradition) on the song "Every Hour"
Currently residing in Alexandria Indiana and on your nearest TV.   
Roger WIles- Lead Son of A/G preacher O Neal Wiles.Went on to be a member of the Imperials and a lawyer and last known pastoring in Raleigh NC
Scott Pratt-Piano 2 time member The last piano player hired by Earl.last known to be in Bartlesville OK. He had a unique style of playing and a personality that brought people to the stage after the concerts. Many nights Scott could not even get to the product table with so many people crowding around his keyboard immediately after a concert. So Scott would put on a post concert. He left the group shortly after getting married and was in the Coast Guard for a time in Texas. Returning to the group after Earls death. He was instrumental on helping arrange the Standing On Tradition album but left a few weeks before the sessions.
Bill Wagner- :Lead To this day every one asks, Where is that real tall singer. Standing 6'9 Bill holds the record for the tallest group member. We wrote several on song the W's recorded.
He is currently living in Knoxville TN.
Here is another story about  ONE OF BILLS SONGS. The Ransomed One. We went to Bill Gaithers house and Bill gave us Thanks to Calvary and The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference. Earl Had Lily sing The Ransomed One for him and Gloria and they like it. Bill was very complimentary to me.Man, it will take me a while to remember the songs I wrote. I wrote some of them for Earl and Lily Fern. Her best song was The Ransomed One. She sang that song. One night Earl told me the record sales were more than they had ever been. He liked that song. He also liked I've Got a Longing. I sang that one. It had a high ending that got an encore or two.
" I credit your Dad with saving my life, and helping me with my ministry. I was pretty messed up in my life when he hired me. I was in awe of him and your Mom when I met them because I had wanted to sing for them since I was 14 years old. Earl taught me how to sing correctly and how to carry myself on stage. The one thing he never did get was the fact he taught me how to raise money in churches. I saw him do it one time at Parker Memorial Baptist church in Lansing Michigan. It was Hoppy, Glen, Henry,or Danny, Him, and Armond. He took up his own offering that day. God never let me forget it. I was just a kid myself still in high school. Now my ministry is raising money for missions. I still enjoy singing, but my heartbeat is the 160 children I have at the orphanage I helped start in the 80's in Thailand. I just don't believe I would have a ministry today had Earl not hired me at that time in my life." Died in Knoxville TN 2010
Chris Hammond- Piano Chris was from Gardena California and had a group with her 3 other sisters Cindy Frances and Joan. The Hammond Sisters. Chris was married to Bill Shnee  ( a top hollywood music producer. Currently a photographer Living near Portland Oregon.
Debbie Mc Queen- Piano/ Soprano 2 time member Album Credits Something Beautiful , Glorious Freedom ???After a career with the Crownsmen of Cinn, Debbie joined the Weatherfords. Her singing style changed the sound of the group with 2 female singers on some of the songs. She went on to work with Danny Gaither and then to form a group with her husband Cloid Baker. ( listed below ) Currently living in Bright Indiana and singing with her group called " Forgiven.)
Cloid Baker-Lead Cloid was Bill Gaithers first employee other than family as a bass player and a bus driver. It was said that Bill had to hire 3 people to take his place after he left. He met Debbie Mc Queen at a Gaither/Weatherford concert in ?? They were married in ?? and went on to have 2 children Shawna and Chad. Chad works with Greater Vision. Cloid and Debbie both were in the group in ?? and then went on to work with Danny Gaither and went full time on the road in full time in ????with the group they founded " Forgiven "
Glen Couch-Lead A great song stylist can be heard on several Weatherford recordings The most notable being the "Come On Last Sing" album. . Currently living near Springdale Arkansas
James Clark-Piano
James Clark The Big Texan had a style unmatched by any Gospel music pianist. His hands could reach a 10th with ease and he used that to give his playing a full sound. James was session player. Before joining the W's he was a member of the Klaudt Indian Family. The "Come On Lets Sing " produced by Rosie Rosell has a unique sound like no other Weatherford album, much of that due to the piano work by James. James made an appearance with the
Weatherfords on their very last appearance at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.
Passed away April 15th 2014


Bob Thacker-Bass Album Credit Come On Lets Sing ??
Bob brought to the group a sound like no other. His voice was reminiscent of the late great Jimmy Jones of the Harmonizing Four. He came from the North Carolina area and sang with the Harvesters for many years. He was driving a tour bus part time at the time of his death. The Weatherfords last meeting with him was at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion in 19?? Sang the lowest recorded note on a Weatherford album. Was known for his great recitations.
Billy Brisindine-Lead Album Credit Listen To The Smooth Weatherfords. Bakersfield California.
One of the Weatherfords most unique singing voices. Billy possesses a classic gospel music style with a slight bit of a cry to his voice that was pleasantly delivered. He had an amazing range and could sell a song. He went on to form his own California based group The Regents. They were one of the west coasts most popular groups and was instrumental in helping with what would become one of the largest gospel music concerts to date in Victorville in 19?? Close to 20,000 in attendance. After moving " over the "grapevine" to Bakersfield in ????
Tracy Dartt-Bass Album Credits The Last Sunday Listen To The Smooth Weatherfords ??
Originally from Minnesota, Tracy was a member of the Country Congregation of California before joining the W's in 19?? He was writing songs and wrote several songs that went on to be hit songs such as The Last Sunday and God On The Mountain. After leaving the group his family toured for a while then he pastored a church in Aubery California for several years before gong back on the road with his family full time. He moved from Suisun City CA to Nashville in 2008. Is back on the road following a kidney transplant spring 2011
Haskell Cooley-Piano Album Credits Listen To The Smooth Weatherfords.
Haskel had a trio with his brothers The Cooley Brothers from Oklahoma. Haskell joined the group with Tracy Dartt and Ken Williams , Tracy and Haskell wrote songs together. Haskell had a publishing company called Homeward Bound. It ended up being a part of the Cathedrals publishing group when Haskell joined that group in 19?? After leaving the Cathedral, his family went on the road singing Haskell lives with his wife.JoLee in Wichita Kansas
Ken Williams- Lead Album Credits The Last Sunday. Went to pastor in Bakersfield California, now living in Texas

Ken Felicano- Lead Pastor San Diego California ??
Kenny Payne- Piano, Bass , Lead, Baritone, Tenor, Driver, Mechanic ,
Bass Player. With the group at Earls Death. 2 Time member,

Son of Dorothy Payne. Earls last piano player. Album Credit Both Sides Of The River Earls last album and Weatherfords first CD, MORE TO FOLLOW.
Danny Koker- Piano Original Cathedral member Died in Las Vegas Nevada Farther of Danny Jr of Counts Customs of Las Vegas ( Counting Cars )
Tommy Anderson- Piano Pastored Victorville Assembly of God until his death in 200?
Glen Beeler- Piano

Jack Bryson- Baritone Deceased North Carolina

Ray Bressler- Bass Deceased San Diego
Joel Caldwell- Lead, baritone Atlanta GA Song writer and guitar.
Joel was a joy. Called to preach but was used of God for a little over a year. One night alone in Indiana was responsible for leading over 40 people to Christ after a concert. He got them all together at the alter and showed them the way as a group. Wrote a song almost every day. Went on to join the Power Team and pastor as well.
Buddy Cambell- Lead Unknown

Ken Carter- Lead, Last Known location Stillwater Oklahoma

Brenda Clark- Organ- vocals

Vic Clay- Guitar, vocals, Producer in Nashville TN
Don Cook- Baritone Had a deep rich voice that blended well with the Weatherford sound. Pastor from Connersville IN. Was doing some solo work after leaving the W's. Is seen on the Standing On Tradition album but the vocals were Eric Curtis. While with the group, he painted the black Eagle bus that ended up belonging to Mercy Me. UNKNOWN.
Kevin Costley- Piano  2 time member Last known to be in Joplin MO Some great stories about Kevin to follow.

Earl Cox Jr.- Piano Deceased Last known to be in the Washington DC area.
David Engles-Lead, Living in Broken Arrow Oklahoma pastoring and has several radio stations throughout the country. KNYD

Jerry Evans- Piano

Mack Evans- Lead, Baritone.
After singing with the Weatherfords in 19-- , Mack went on to sing with the Senators in the mid 60's and then with Jerry Falwall at Liberty Baptist Church,  Lynchburg VA. While there he worked as a soloist and also in a group with Don Norman and Robbie Hiner. ( Old Time Gospel Hour Trio ??) he was seen on the nationally televised Old Time Gospel Hour program. ---and was touring the country as a soloist before his death on May 28th 1994  - info via Scott Evans.
Bob Fowler- Bass deceased Atlanta GA
 Marvin Garret - Lead
Bob Gillis Weatherfords 1st Bass Singer
Scranton Hall
Weatherfords 2nd Bass Singer Welder Deceased Southern California
Billy Joe Hall  Piano California

Jim Holbrook- Piano, lead baritone Living in Michigan Album Credits-- more to follow
James " Hoppy Hopkins- Tenor
Was leading music at a Baptist Church in Rome Georgia at the time of his untimely death.
George Huston- Piano

Norman Huxman- Bass

Buel Jarret- Bass

Lee Jones- Lead

Roy Jones-Piano

Ann Keel - Piano

Jerry Kirk- Piano

Danny Larson- Piano

Danny Lawson Piano / Vocals Last known Las Vegas working in a church

Ray Cude/ Piano California-
Lois Ann Bryson-Piano.
Ray Loman Weatherfords 1st Tenor Singer
Troy Lumpkin Tenor Wrote the song Tell My Friends Deceased
Al Lyles- Bass
Richard Martin, Bass Player.
Richard was singing with a group called The Gentry in Oklahoma City. He lives in the area with his wife.
Mark McLaughlin Tenor
Mark was a rare tenor singer during the Trio years allowing Lily to take a lower part. Mark added an excitement to the sound with his ability to sing the high parts with power. Had a group with his brothers and his wife Kelly out of Okla City before joining the W's. They promoted gospel music until they disbanded in ??? Mark and Kelly toured with the Weatherford and they both appeared at the National Quartet Convention with the W's in ???They were working as music leaders in a AG Church in Prescott AZ UNKNOWN.
Avery Oakes- Piano
Dorothy Jo Bright ( Payne)
Weatherfords 1st Piano Player, Dorothy went on to be in her family group with Vernon. David Kenny and his sister ?? They were based out of Abilene TX for many years.
Bill Plowman- Lead
Nathen Pollitzzi- Bass
A pastors son from Troy Illinois. He was the last regular bass singer that Earl hired. His voice was almost a carbon copy of Armond Morales but much much lower. He was going to a church pastored by Doyle Ankrum and Doyle asked him to sing a song after a Weatherford concert. While the group was in the back of the church at the record table. Nathan started singing. He was hired on the spot. The shortest tryout ever. Last know to be in Troy Illinois.
Mike Allen Hofacker- Bass
Mike was the last bass singer that Earl worked with vocally. Altho Nathen came after Mike. Nathen was like plugging Armond back into the sound. Mike went on to work with a group out of Mississippi ??  then on to work with Phil Cross and Poet Voices where he changed his name from Hofacker to Allen. He then went on to work with the Homecoming tour with Bill Gaither. He worked with former Stamps member Ed Hill and was also singing with former Goodman member. ??? Known to be living near Nashville TN. Current Member of the Sonfgfellows
Harold Porch- soloist

Betty Reynolds- Piano/ vocals
Claude Riggs- Lead/baritone. deceased
Last Known location Tulsa Ok Had a group called the Trumpteers out of Tulsa with Fulton Nash and Rosie Rosell
Les Roberson- Lead El Paso Texas. Radio or Television station ???
Raye Roberson- piano Hemet California. retired

Terry Robertson- Little Rock Arkansas
OD Robinson- Tenor Lakewood California.
Art Ross- Piano
Went on to play piano for the Rambo's. From Bolivia. His testimony was given every night at the concerts and was touching. It changed a little from time to time. Not the facts just the delivery. Earl favorite line was when he said he waded in water all the way up to his ankles. Last known to be driving a tour bus professionally out of Nashville. ????
Dave Roland- Lead
Dave went on to sing with the ( STAMPS ??) and then sang back up for county artist Charlie Pride , there he formed a group called Dave & Sugar where he had several songs hit the county charts  in 19?? Queen Of The Silver Dollar. Last known to be living near Franklin TN.
Ted Simmons-1st lead singer Torrance CA ???

Foster Smith- Tenor after OD Barber Fullerton CA

Marlin Sparks- Lead Last Known Location South Texas Pastor

Gayle ( Tank ) Tacket- Lead Tenor Sang with the Statesmen
Christ Church Choir, Nashville TN

Tommy Thompson- Lead after Harold  Construction work Monrovia CA

Roy Tremble- Tenor- Lead Member of Cathedrals Ohio/

Harold Turman Weatherfords 2nd Lead singer

AV Wall- Tenor

JB Watson-Bass California

Raymond Weston- Weatherfords 1st baritone
Lajuanna Murphy- Organ -Living in Missouri
LaJuana Murphy (Brann) toured with the Weatherfords in 1969 (?) as organist, when Earl Cox was pianist for the group. For a short time, she moved to the piano when Cox left. Upon leaving the Weatherfords, LaJuana joined with her own family, The Murphy’s, and continued to tour in music ministry for several more years. LaJuana , in her own words, recalls: “One of my most vivid memories of my time with the Weatherfords was the week that Earl decided to pay me my whole salary in quarters! He thought he had a great joke.” Currently LaJuana is dividing her time between Tulsa and Springfield, MO. She has a home recording studio and still ministers when the opportunities arise.

In an interesting twist La Juanna toured with the Weatherfords when Steve was 8 years old, She once again made a tour with Steve on his 2nd West Coast tour when his son Skylar was 8 years old.
Can be currently seen in concert with Steve Weatherford on select dates

Earl Terry- California. Recently in touch with his family and are working on more information about Earl.
Marilyn Peters- Piano

Doyle Mc Alister- Bass- bus driver Broken Arrow OK. Has Group the
Tulsans. Since retired

Tim Chevront-Lead Smooth Country Album. Unknown.
Doyle Ankrom -Lead Independance MO Pastor Full Gospel Assembly.

Dale Ellis-Piano Clovis CA Pastor Foursquare Church

Cody Boyer. Bethany Oklahoma. 2007- 2010
Music Director Portland Ave. Baptist OKC

Bus Drivers:
Bud Seeker The Weatherfords and the Cathedrals first full time bus driver.
Mike Fails

Larry Orrel

Grady Weston- lead

Ralph Drake-lead

Jamie Caldwll Went to work with the Dixie Melody Boys and then pastored and then worked in a school in Texas. Then back to pastoring in Ohio. Unknown.

Curtis Pitman North Carolina.

Eric Curtis-Worked with Wendy Bagwell and then Masterpiece for a short time. Sang vocals on Standing On Tradition but left before the album cover photo was shot. The only time that ever happened with the Weatherfords.

Jeff Issak- Bass Guitar worked with the Imperials after a short time with the Weatherfords.

Norman Wood-lead

Scott Klepper Pastors son from Oklahoma City.


Honorary Members

Ben Johnson- Briefly held the title of the longest running temporary member of the Weatherford. Ben has filled in on several occasions. His last tour with us was the November 2012 tour to California. With the 2013 tour to Florida with Roy Pauley holding down the 3rd part, Ben slips to a close second. Ben is one of the finest young men/ performers the Weatherfords have ever had and consider it an honor to have presented him on stage as one of the team

Roy Pauley- Album Credits Spirit Of The West
Has  sung every part but Lily's and the Piano. Roy sang a song on the Spirit Of The West album and has made every appearance at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion as well at the National Quartet Convention and First Baptist of Jacksonville Florida. He and his wife Amy worked for many years as a Seventh Day Advent evangelist then went on his own in ???? They are currently living in Orlando Florida. Roy is and has been a prolific writer and artist for the Singing News Magazine as well as other publications. One of the best vocal and parts teachers there is. He also has sung with the Statemen QT the Blackwood QT. and was selected by Hovie Lister to be on his last album.
Mickey Vaughn- Piano- Bus Driver
Was in a group in the Dallas area called Thorns & Roses. SHE played with the Weatherfords at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion in ???? and helped drive the bus to Glen Payne's funeral in Nashville TN/ Currently in Real Estate in the Dallas Texas area

Folks who have filled in:

Roy Pauley

Paige Norman ( Perry )

Ben Johnson.
Mentorship Program:

Paige Norman

Stacy Bales

Ben Johnson
 Names in red are known deceased